With home media systems connecting more people to the shows and games they love, home networks are more important that ever.

Cabled networks give you the speed and ease you need, with online access points available throughout your home.


Wired and wi-fi solutions

Gigabit Ethernet 1Gbps
Suitable for all computers
Quality cables always used
High speed wi-fi Access Points
Powerline network adapters
Home automation with Alexa


Using the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot you can control all you home lights and plugs simply by telling Alexa to turn them on.

Alexa can also turn on all of you audio visual equipment. From TVs to satellite receivers. If it has a remote then it can be controlled by Alexa.

Using rf controll light switches and plugs Alexa can controll all your lights and plugs even if Alexa is in a different room as rf signals can go through walls.


Due to the complexities of a laying network cable, and the number of rooms & network points you may want, we can’t quote a standard price for an installation.

We can advise as to the best installation based on your needs and budget.

We do have a fixed price of £35 for the setup of a network device.

The cost of voice enabling of your home will need a detailed quote as other hardware and software are needed in addition to the Amazon Echo.


Enjoy your media in any room with Digiview network installations.